Howard Michael Burnham Gowen

About Howard Michael Burnham Gowen

Howard Michael Burnham Gowen is a creative individual in all aspect of his life, whose optimistic and original personality drives him to seek out novel solutions, whether as an artist, healer, or explorer. Howard Michael Burnham Gowen enjoys repurposing unusual things into art, crafting droll songs with his hilarious lyrics, and concocting scrumptious new versions on culinary themes from diverse civilizations. Howard Michael Burnham Gowen is an enthusiastic and brave athlete who has always enjoyed pushing himself, whether on the Joshua Tree rocks, surfing in Santa Cruz, skydiving, or exploring the last frontier, the mind, via meditation. Howard Michael Burnham Gowen is an accomplished massage therapist; in addition to providing a soothing massage, his deft skills significantly reduce stress and improve mobility and performance. Howard Michael Burnham Gowen, an enthusiastic chef, everyday charms his fortunate family and friends with delectable, nutritious dishes, combining high-quality, local organic products in novel and delightful ways.